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Think of how you cherish certain things. These things may be mementos of a specific time or place or person, or they may be more ordinary and part of your everyday existence, seamlessly embedded into your life in a way that allows them to almost go unnoticed. These random, mundane things often contain much more meaning than it would seem. These objects accumulate memories, associations of moments, interactions with people or periods of time in one's life, which can all be ignited by a glance or touch. With time and use they gather importance and become mementos of the everyday.

Each version of Object Music is created out of a small selection of these types of items. These objects are used to create sound - banged together, scratched, shuffled, flipped, or ripped apart. The process is recorded and individual moments are edited out of the larger body of audio material. Object Music is about taking these everyday things, these attachments, and transforming them into something new - placing these memories somewhere else - physically together as part of a collage on a 24" x 24" piece of wood, and also physically rearranged and processed into a piece of music, organized sound.

The objects in question vary from piece to piece, but are all things that one might find in someone's home, which may have a variety of emotional and experiential associations. These objects motivate the sound, both in a quite literal sense of physically creating it, and also in a more philosophical process of how their associations (of memory, intention, possibility) affect the choices made in producing the music. The objects are important, not just as tools to make something else, but as containers of psychological properties, as essential things that open an audiovisual story in our mind's eye.

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